We Are

Anwaar Corporation is a family-owned rice business located in rich rice growing area of Pakistan – a country that for decades is acknowledged for its premium quality basmati rice. Our Company originated in 1950, when our respected founder Mr. Haji Ghulam Mustafa started a brokerage house in his hometown. Since then company has grown to become a renowned and highly respected rice dealing company not just in Pakistan but also around the globe consisting of 3 production houses, run by the second and third generations.

At Anwaar Corporation, We draw our roots on Quality, Commitment and Reliability to establish long terms relations with our clients. We are exporting our Rice around the globe since 1997. Our consistent quality commitment has helped us to retain our Clients for 20+ Years. It is an honour for us to retain our very first client in global market since 1997.

All our production facilities are equipped to compete in the global market using state-of-art production techniques and machinery to match ISO standards and Quality levels.


Punjab's most reputed Miller


We have Pakistan's Best units for Processing.


We Exported Our rice to Many countries.